A Complete Guide to Dental Fillings

A Complete Guide to Dental Fillings

The body parts might be subjected to illness and ailments. With the advancement of medical science, most of the diseases can be treated effectively. Although the mouth is sensitive, the advanced modes of treatment can address most of the dental diseases.

With excessive usage and being under intense pressure from chewing and biting, the teeth can develop inevitable cracks. Even poor oral hygiene might deal with cavities. In either case, your teeth are affected. Visiting the dentist is a better option as the dentist can guide you with a better solution. Dental fillings can treat several dental issues.

What are Dental Fillings?

Tooth fillings are an improvised mode of treatment that aids dentists to repair and cover dental cavities so that the cavities do not widen up. Even the small holes and dental a chipped tooth can be strengthened with tooth fillings.

The fillings prevent the growth of bacteria and the accumulation of plaque inside the cavities that can lead to serious infection if ignored for a prolonged period. The chipped or cracked tooth can be reinforced, too, with tooth fillings. If you ignore the slight cracks, these might develop into bigger issues and might lead to compromise your tooth.

It is advisable not to ignore the cavities as once the damage has been done, even the underlying nerves might be affected. That, in turn, can affect the neighboring tooth. You can go for a temporary composite resin filing and get it replaced with a permanent ceramic one.

Types of Tooth Filing

Based on your state of the teeth and choice, the dentist might guide you with the different available options of fillings.

Cast Gold Filling

Made of gold, these fillings can withstand pressure and lend strength to your tooth. Moreover, the durability of these tooth fillings is more, almost fifteen years. Some might love the “golden tooth,” but for some, the colored metal does not bear the aesthetic value. Being more expensive, the cast gold fillings are not that common, and you need multiple visits to the dentist to get this filling in place.

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam or silver fillings do last longer period, almost fifteen years, and is less expensive than the composite fillings. The silver color does not match with your teeth and does not have a good visual effect. Although some might prefer amalgam fillings, others might suffer from allergies as the mercury is also present along with silver in the amalgams.

The fillings are placed to clog the cracks in your teeth. Due to the consumption of hot and cold food, the fillings might contact and expand as amalgams have a higher degree of contraction and expansion. This, in turn, might widen the dental cracks and lead to falling out of the fillings.

Composite Resins

The color of the composite resin fillings match with that of natural teeth and are perfect filling for the visible teeth. Since these fillings are chemically bonded with your teeth, so the fitting is much better than the metal fillings.

The biggest disadvantage being the durability. The lifespan of these tooth fillings is a maximum of five years, and you need to spend more time with the dentist to get composite resin fillings done.

Ceramic Fillings

The color of ceramic fillings resembles natural teeth and are more resistant than the composite resin fillings. Pocket-friendly and higher aesthetic value have made ceramic fillings more usable. The only drawback being the longevity. With continuous chewing and biting, the ceramic fillings might get chipped or affected.

Drawbacks of Tooth Filling

Often a filling over a cavity might fall off, or a portion might get displaced. If you are not conscious enough to visit the dentist, the small opening might be a breeding ground of infections, leading to decay and toothaches.

Even the fillings might break or crack due to chewing hard food. Visiting the dentist in Spring is advisable, but that might be a headache.

At Woodsprings Dentistry, we offer the best available dental treatment. You might be worried about the agony of undergoing dental treatment, and we are ready with sedation dentistry to help you relax as our experienced dentists treat you.

With family-friendly staff and pediatric dentistry for your child, you can get dental fillings for you and your family.

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