Dental Implants 101: What You Must Know Before Visiting Your Dentist

Dental Implants 101: What You Must Know Before Visiting Your Dentist

While dental implant’s primary function is for teeth replacement, there are areas in which implants can assist in other dental procedures. Due to their stability, dental implants find applications to support removable dentures and provide a sturdier and comfortable fit.

Apart from chewing and breaking down the food into digestible parts, the teeth can be beneficial for speaking. A bright and sparkling tooth can be beneficial to boost your self-esteem. Dentists can administer dental implant treatment, and this dental treatment was invented in 1952 by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Branemark.

What are Dental Implants?

Dentists in Spring, TX, can administer dental implant treatment by a surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone, and the same can fuse with the jawbones in due time. The dental implants are nothing but mere replacements of the roots of your missing teeth. The artificial tooth can be placed on these metallic roots, and they resemble your natural teeth.

The dental implants fuse into your jawbones, and this way, you can mimic the natural teeth. The implants stand on its own, and unlike dental bridges or dentures, it does not affect the neighboring teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

The dentist in Woodland, TX, can guide you with the type of dental implant that can suit you depending on the state of your oral cavity.

#1: Endosteal Implant

An endosteal implant, the artificial dental roots, is placed in your jawbone to hold a replacement tooth. Dental implants can be administered when you lose a tooth. Endosteal implants are the most common type of implant.

The dental implants are generally made of titanium and shaped like screws placed into your jawbones. The metallic dental roots protrude through your gum and serve as a solution to hold the artificial teeth.

#2: Subperiosteal Implant

The subperiosteal dental implants can be used beneath the gum or above, the jawbone. This type of implant may be used if you lack enough requisite natural jawbones and unable to go for a bone augmentation procedure to rebuild it.

If the dentist opines that your jawbones are not fit to support the dental implant, they might guide alternative treatments like bone augmentation and sinus lift. In either of these processes, the dentist works on restoring your natural jawline and providing a sturdy foundation for future teeth replacement.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Whether you consider cosmetic dentistry in Spring, TX, or search over the internet for “dental implants near me,” you cannot deny that Wood Springs Dentistry can provide you with the best available and comprehensive dental care.

The primary reason for patronizing cosmetic dentistry is to conceal the dental issues and maintain the aesthetic value. The benefits of dental implants are immense in comparison to other dental treatments.

#1: Natural and Healthy

Implants are strong, sturdy, and do not need quick replacements. You can enjoy your meal or speak freely without the tension of losing the denture, or the fear of bridges being falling off.

#2: Quasi-permanent Solution

The conventional dental replacement treatments as dental bridges or dentures have a shelf life of maximum ten years before you are bound to get it replaced. On the contrary, dental implants can last for about four decades or more with minimal care after maintaining good oral health.

#3: Higher Aesthetic Values

With dental implants, you can speak distinctly. Dentures might slip in your mouth, causing your speech to slur. Dental implants resemble natural teeth and can boost your confidence as you speak or eat.

#4: Goodbye to Cavities

Restored dental implants are impervious to cavities, and you can be free from the agony of cavities. All you need is to maintain good oral hygiene by regular brushing and to floss your teeth. Unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not affect your neighboring teeth and reduce the chances of affecting them. Cleaner teeth imply lesser chances of cavities.

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