Dental Bridges In Spring, TX

Have you lost any teeth in the mouth and want to restore your smile or your bite? At WoodSprings Dentistry in Spring, TX, we can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted by providing high quality dental bridges. A dental bridge is an appliance used to bridge the gap between teeth that is created when teeth are lost.

Why Is A Bridge Recommended?

If you feel as though losing a tooth is no big deal, then you are mistaken. Losing a tooth can mean big consequences for your oral health and your overall comfort. Your teeth work together so missing only one tooth can change the mouth over time. Your teeth may tilt or drift in the direction of the empty space. The teeth that are on the opposite jaw may shift their placement as well, putting stress on the jaw joints. You may even incur damage to your teeth, resulting in pain.

Another reason dentists recommend dental bridges is due to the affect that missing a tooth has on your oral health. When teeth drift or tilt in any way, they become harder to keep clean. This means that you may be at an increased risk of developing gum disease as well as tooth decay. Your jawbone may shrink as well, causing dramatic changes in the structure of the face and a less youthful appearance.

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is applied by your dentist using teeth on one or both sides of the area of missing teeth. These adjacent teeth, or abutment teeth, will be used to hold the bridge in place, keeping it secure.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Dental implants are an alternative to traditional bridges. Implants or titanium “posts” are inserted into the jaw surgically, holding the bridge securely in place.

When a patient has lost one or more teeth, your dentist at WoodSprings Dentistry will often recommend replacing the affected teeth in an effort to preserve your oral health. You can discuss your options with your dentist in detail, outlining the treatment that will work best for your teeth.

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