Dental Fillings In Spring, TX

Many patients have heard of getting fillings, as they are a very popular way to restore the structure and health of teeth. Your WoodSprings Dentistry dentist in Spring can spot any decay or other issues in teeth that may require a filling.

What Is A Dental Filling?

A filling is applied to teeth in order to restore them after decay has caused damage. Your dentist will remove any decay in the tooth and then thoroughly clean the area. Once it is cleaned, a filling will be applied to close off any areas where bacteria and plaque can enter the tooth. These fillings can be made of materials such as composite resin, or amalgam.

What Filling Is Best?

Your dentist will need to take a look at your teeth and recommend the type of filling that would be best for your tooth. This will depend on several factors, such as the extent of damage as well as any allergies you may have and the location of the required filling.

  • Composite resin: This resin matches the color of teeth and looks natural in the mouth. They aren’t ideal for larger fillings, as they may get worn down over time, and they tend to become stained.

If you have decay in your mouth that has affected any teeth, your dentist may need to get rid of the decay and apply a filling to the area. Once the filling is placed, you will be able to eat and drink normally and any discomfort you may have experienced will be alleviated. To get your teeth examined for damage or decay, visit your local WoodSprings Dentistry professionals for a professional cleaning and exam to get treatment for any oral health issues that may be present.

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