Root Canals In Spring, TX

Being told that it is time to schedule a root canal can be startling for any person to hear. At WoodSprings Dentistry we want to make sure you understand exactly why it’s no big deal. Root canals are very common and many people go through them each day without any issues.

There is a soft tissue called pulp inside of your tooth. This is made up of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. These are used to grow the roots of your teeth. A full grown tooth does not need this pulp because it’s only needed in development.

During a root canal, that “pulp” inside of the tooth is removed so you no longer feel pain. A filling material is then placed inside of the tooth called “Gutta Percha.” Root canals It can help with restoring your ability to chew, keeping the tooth from changing color, and even protecting other teeth.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is when a diseased or damaged pulp inside the tooth is medically removed. This is needed to help relieve severe pain and can help keep the other teeth from being over strained.

Does A Root Canal Hurt?

Anesthesia is always used during a root canal so it shouldn’t hurt any more than a regular procedure. Root canals can cause your teeth or gums to be sore afterwards for a few days but it shouldn’t be particularly painful.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

If you have a deep cavity, filling issue, or a cracked tooth then you may need a root canal to fix it. Finding that your tooth is sensitive to both hot and cold can be a sign that you need a root canal.

How Long Will A Root Canal Take?

About 90 minutes are needed for each tooth that requires a root canal. Molars can actually take up to two hours when necessary.

If you think you might need a root canal then give WoodSprings Dentistry a call and schedule an appointment. It’s the best possible thing you can do for your teeth.

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