Teeth Whitening In Spring, TX

One way many patients seek to improve their smile is by whitening their teeth. This is often done with whitening strips and over the counter kits, but these can be ineffective and damage the enamel of teeth if not used properly. The gums can also be affected, becoming irritated by bleaching solution that comes in contact with them.

If you would like to get teeth professionally whitened, visit WoodSprings Dentistry in Spring, TX. Our whitening procedures can have your smile looking brighter and more beautiful in less than two hours. We even provide at home whitening kits with a highly effective bleaching solution.

Whitening in the Office

Your dentist can provide you with a more beautiful smile with one office visit. Speak with a dental professional about teeth whitening to have your oral health and teeth assessed. If you are a good candidate for whitening, your dentist will provide you with a super effective whitening treatment. This treatment can take 30 minutes to two hours depending on the whitening method used by your dentist.

Whitening at Home

If you prefer to have brighter teeth without making a trip to the dentist, consider using one of our take home whitening kits for your teeth. These come with kits filled with a highly effective professional grade bleaching solution as well as trays that can fit into your mouth comfortably, allowing teeth to be whitened without irritating the gums and other tissues in the mouth. Whitening teeth at home can take anywhere from several days to two weeks, providing you with a smile you’re proud of.

If you have any questions about a specific whitening method, call WoodSprings Dentistry today and we would be happy to discuss the options available for whitening your teeth. We can provide you with detailed information about how you can achieve a brighter smile and discuss your preferences for whitening your teeth.

Teeth whitening has become more popular over the years, thanks to advancements in technology and the desire for healthier looking teeth. To smile with confidence and have a healthy smile, schedule an appointment with us today.

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