To best serve our patients, we make sure that we use modern technology whenever it is possible. At WoodSpring Dentistry in Spring, TX, our goal is making sure that patients are always well taken care of, and utilizing modern technology is how we can ensure that. Our patients get the best diagnostics along with the best procedures whenever they arrive in our office.

Digital Radiographs

The traditional radiograph – or x-ray – is something that involves a lot of radiation compared to the digital radiograph. There are a lot of advantages to these digital counterparts. The big thing is that with digital radiographs, we can see everything in the tooth. We can blow it up and get in there and see exactly what is going on. When viewing digital x-rays, our team has a more significant amount of confidence in the diagnosis and treatment protocol – as do our patients.

CBCT Technology

When it comes to digital imaging, the x-ray is amazing, but what makes it even better? The three-dimensional aspect. CBCT technology allows our office to make sure we see all sorts of different areas around the tooth. This ensures that when looking at the tooth, we can catch any small problems before they get worst. Having 3D images ensures that we know exactly what is going on before we start treatment.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is exactly what it sounds like. The reason why we love this is because it gives us a different perspective on the tooth and allows us to see what is going on so we can make sure treatment is effectively performed. When using these cameras, the perspective offered makes it easy for the dentist to move around and do everything needed to help patients.

Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissue laser can give us the ability to cut out gum tissue and other tissue that is being problematic. The laser is quite precise, unlike the scalpel.

At WoodSpring Dentistry in Spring, TX, we believe in technology as part of our treatment protocol.

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