What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

If you are the proud parent of a boy or a girl living in Spring, Texas, and are concerned about the oral health of the baby, you may be looking for a pediatric dentist in Spring. You may have heard about the term pediatric dentist several times, but as the parent of a newborn, you may not have proper information on what or how a pediatric dentist can help your child whenever he or she develops any dental issues.

For your information, pediatric dentists are individuals that specialize in the oral health of children from infancy until they are teenagers. They are qualified and have the experience to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth during various stages of childhood. Children begin to develop teeth during their initial six months, and by the age of six or seven years, they lose their baby teeth, which are eventually replaced by permanent secondary teeth. Children can face possible oral decay and disease without proper dental care, leaving them with a lifetime of pain and complications. Children’s problems are better handled by a professional who is qualified in this subject because he or she will be well aware of the child’s requirements. However, as you want to know about what is a pediatric dentist, we have provided you some details which can prove helpful.

What Kind of Training Are Pediatric Dentists Required to Have?

Professionals specializing in pediatric dentistry must have completed at least four years in a dental school and an additional two years of residency training in dentistry for children. The residency will help them with knowledge about how to deal with infants, children, teenagers, as well as children with special needs.

Are the Services of Pediatric Dentists Valued Highly by People?

Most people believe they can take their child to a general dentist for dental checkups and care. They do not realize general dentists do not have the qualifications needed to care appropriately for children because they have not received the training needed as pediatric dentists. Professionals in this category are investing plenty of time, energy, and finances, educating themselves for four years in a dental school, after which they spend an additional two years undergoing residency training. The total time they spend learning their profession is approximately six years before they can even consider practicing or working with another clinic. Considering the time spent learning and educating themselves, people may have the impression that a pediatric dentist’s salary would be high, allowing these people to make a generous income for themselves. However, it must be understood that these individuals are required to attend to patients at any time of the day or night and even on weekends if needed. Under the circumstances, it is recommended that people do not worry about the salaries drawn by pediatric dentists but consider the quality of services offered by them when managing children that are often difficult at any clinic.

What Are the Treatments Provided by Pediatric Dentists?

Pediatric dentists are providing comprehensive oral care for children, including the following:

  • Oral health examinations for infants, including risk assessment for caries in the mother as well as the child.
  • Preventive dental care by cleaning and fluoride treatments, along with providing recommendations for nutrition and diet.
  • Habit counseling.
  • Early assessment and treatment for correcting an improper bite or straightening teeth.
  • Repairing cavities in the tooth or defects.
  • Diagnosing conditions associated with problems such as diabetes, congenital heart defects, hay fever, and ADHD.
  • Managing gum diseases and conditions which may include ulcers, short frenulum mucoceles, and pediatric periodontal disease. They can also care for dental injuries, which may be in the form of fractures, knocked out teeth, or displaced teeth.

Why Are Pediatric Dentists Considered Better for Children?

Children cannot be considered as young adults because they are unable to exercise patience or cooperate during a dental exam. Pediatric dentists are trained to understand how to examine and treat children by using ways that make them comfortable. Additionally, pediatric dentists usually have specially designed equipment in their offices arranged for and decorated with children in mind.

A pediatric dentist can offer an extensive range of treatment options with expertise and training to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. When you receive a suggestion from your pediatrician that your child is due for a dental exam, you can rest assured the dentist will be providing your child with the best possible care.

A pediatric dentist is a professional that has specialized in the field of dentistry for children and is fully capable of managing everything that a child may need when undergoing a dental exam. They are professionals that are sought after by many parents because of the ease at which they can manage children and their tantrums.

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