Wondering if Invisible Braces Are Right for You?

Wondering if Invisible Braces Are Right for You?

Do you find yourself looking into the mirror and assessing your smile? Do you wish you would have taken measures when you were younger to correct your crooked teeth? If so, there’s no need to worry that you’ve missed the window of opportunity to make the corrections that you know would give you a perfect smile today! Keep reading to learn how WoodSprings Dentistry can give you the smile you hope to see every time you look in the mirror.

Why Invisible Braces Make Sense in Adult Dentistry

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, no one wants to undergo the embarrassment of metal braces. That’s what makes clear braces such a great choice for adult patients who want to make minor corrections to their smiles – that’s right, invisible braces are virtually undetectable when you’re wearing them and they’re doing their job to move your teeth into position.

How Invisible Braces Work

Getting started is easy. After an initial consultation with the caring and professional staff at WoodSprings Dentistry, an individual, customized treatment plan will be developed so you can see first-hand the step-by-step transformation of your smile. After your custom aligners are made, you’ll wear each set for about 20 hours a day. That allows you time to take them out for eating or other important activities like meetings or dates.

You’ll Know Upfront What Your Treatment Plan Will Encompass

WoodSprings Dentistry will be able to advise you on your planned treatment time during your initial consultation. Keep in mind that every patient’s needs will be different, but the average time it takes to achieve the results most patients are looking for is a little over one year. Also keep in mind that a large part of the success of invisible braces depends on how well you commit to wearing your aligners as directed. Remember, they can only do their job when you’re wearing them!

Ready to Learn More About Invisible Braces?

Stop dreaming about a perfect smile and take the next step in achieving one. Make an appointment today in our conveniently located Spring, TX dental office to get started!

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